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PRUNUS Aroma Mild Shampoo

  • A low-irritation shampoo with natural herbs and aroma extracts with the latest MILD formulation
  • Natural cleansing, mild cleaning while purifying and keep the skin moisturized
  • Safety proven Hypoallergenic shampoo (College of Veterinary Medicine- Chungbuk National University)

Main Ingredients

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CERAMIDE & OMEGA 3 is a Hypo-allergenic functional treats that has no aritifial additives, coloring nor preservatives.
It is rich in Omega oils and Phytoceramide

Level of contents PER ONE PACK- 30g

Benefits of consuming Omega 3:

  • Strengthening of skin barrier
  • Gloss

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PRUNUS Essence Pack Rinse (Conditioner)
  Is a newly upgraded rinse. It helps to prevent static and tangles and will leave your dogs skin and fur moisturized, shiny and strong. The long lasting fragrance is very effective in deodorizing.  


  • Static and tangle prevention, skin and fur protection
  • Accompl

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PRUNUS   Premier Natural Herb Shampoo

Perfect Ideal Cleansing system (PICS) allows a multi-purpose shampoo to apply for even the area around the membrane.  The safety-proven shampoo with no irriation is great for your dog's skin which is weaker than yours.  Especially, a specific silicon coating technique enables the shampoo to serve as cleansing, p

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PRUNUS Ultra White Shampoo

Ultra White Shampoo is a great fit for dogs with white or bright hair with low allergic reaction. Perfect Ideal Cleansing System whitens stained or contaminated white hairs like shiny snow flakes.


  • It makes your dog's hair and skin shinier with silk protein and natural extracts (granat, green tea,

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Atop 7 Spray is a gentle, easy to use dermatological formulation with naturally derived ingredients to support a healthy skin barrier and help manage your pet's pruritic skin. This spray is a steroid-free submicronic emulsion containing plant extracts and essential fatty acids to help nourish and hydrate the skin while soothing any itchiness your pet may be

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Bio Balm maintains the necessary suppleness and moisture necessary to avoid and treat hyperkeratosis of the nose, paw cracks, and lesions – prevents infections – does not contain mineral oil or petroleum-based ingredients – great for cracked noses, paw pads, calloused pressure points or Hot Spots.

Apply 2 or 3 times a day to the paws.

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