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Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo (200ml)

Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo (200ml)


Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo (200ml)

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Sebo-regulating shampoo for the management of cutaneous disorders (dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc.)

Suitable for dogs and cats

Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo is a sebo-regulating shampoo that provides an efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc. 

With no added fragrance, its concentrated formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) extracted from plants, contains the same synergy of essential oils as Essential 6® spot-on plus the essential oil of niaouli. 

Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo has been specifically developed for dogs and cats (physiological pH) and is intended to: gently clean, thanks to its soap-free high-tolerance cleansing base, efficiently eliminate dandruff, deodorise, restore the balance of skin and coat

How to use
Apply as often as necessary as a frequent use shampoo or a relay treatment to others dermatological shampoos.


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