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EAR CLINIC PADS (40 sheets)

EAR CLINIC PADS (40 sheets)


EAR CLINIC PADS (40 sheets)

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PRUNUS EAR CLEANING PADS is a convenient ear care pad with anti-bacterial effect and added plant extract.

Biologically pets' ear produces large amount of secretion and when foreign substance enters the ear, bacteria and mold tends to develop. The common type of cleaning method is by applying liquid cleaning agent. Prunus Ear Cleaning Pads is made suitable for pets that shy away from liquid cleaning method. The ready sheets are convenient to the pet owners as well.
Not only for dogs, Prunus Ear Cleaning Pads is also suitable for cats.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Aloe extract, Promeganate extract, Benzoic acid, Malic acid, Boric acid, Salicyilc acid, Rosemary extract.

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