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Dermoscent Essential Mousse for Cat

Dermoscent Essential Mousse for Cat


Dermoscent Essential Mousse for Cat

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A rinse-free cleansing care for all skin and hair types formulated with a patented cooling ingredient Cucurbitine® and 100% natural extracts.



    Dermoscent® Essential Mousse provides key nutrients, deodorises and moisturises the skin while purifying and eliminating dirt without the need      to rinse. Ideal for pets living in apartments and flats, after walks or while on travels. It is also perfect for pets that are resistant to being washed        with water and for hospitalised pets.


   Why use

      Dermoscent® Essential Mousse provides the following features and benefits:

  • Purifies and eliminates dirt without rinsing.
  • Provides moisturising ingredients to the skin with essential fatty acids and natural oils and extracts.
  • First cleansing care product based on 100% natural extracts including essential oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as patented Cucurbitine®.
  • Deodorises & moisturises.
  • Mousse format enables a quick, easy and efficient soap free cleansing.
  • Soap-free cleansers.

    When to Use

  •       Essential Mousse is ideal for animals living in apartments, where frequent cleansing can sometimes be problematic 
  • Very handy when returning from walks for localised cleansing (eg the paws) - fast and efficient
  • Practical for cleansing animals who are turbulent or reluctant to water and shampoo, as well as for hygiene purposes in convalescing or incontinent animals
  • Practical cleansing skin care for sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions.


Contains hemp oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids (3 & 6), essential oil of niaouli, a saponaria root extract, a natural coling agent derived from pumpkins seeds and lipoaminoacides from green apples.



Fill the palm of the hand with foam or apply it directly on the coat of the animal. Make sure that the area is well soaked by the product and then let it penetrate by gently massaging it in, preferably in the opposite direction of the grain, to achieve a better cleansing of the skin.
Avoid the eyes and the nose.
Remove dirt with the help of a towel. Allow to dry and then brush.


    Physical description

          A white foam like substance



Essential Mousse® - How and why to apply a no-rinse foam to your animal?

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