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PRUNUS Essence Pack Rinse (Conditioner), 510ml

PRUNUS Essence Pack Rinse (Conditioner), 510ml


PRUNUS Essence Pack Rinse (Conditioner), 510ml

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PRUNUS Essence Pack Rinse (Conditioner)
Is a newly upgraded rinse. It helps to prevent static and tangles and will leave your dogs skin and fur moisturized, shiny and strong. The long lasting fragrance is very effective in deodorizing.

  • Static and tangle prevention, skin and fur protection
  • Accomplished skin and eye irritation TEST (College of Veterinary Medicine- Chungbuk National University)

Main Ingredient
Promegranate extract, Aloe vera, Green tea extract.

Country of Origin
South Korea

How to use
  • Method 1: Dilute with water at 1:7 proportion ( 1-Premier Rinse 7-water) and after massaging on the fur, towel dry the          pet.
  • Method 2: Using the rinse in a small amount, rinse with water after applying.

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